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Bing Images Search History


The Bing Search engine has a special section for images, called the Bing Image inspiration feed.  You can search for an image or browse all the images from an specific search result.

Bing Image Search History is a feature that was introduced in 2015. It is a search engine feature that allows you to see what the image search history for your images apart from other bing search history.

How to view and delete bing images search history

Though it is not possible to independently see and delete images in Windows 10, you can view and delete them either as part of the “all data types” option from the procedure discussed above.

However, in other versions of Windows, just:

  • Visit select “history” from the homepage.
  • or visit the profile
  • Log in to your microsoft account (if you are not logged in you will be required to do it to validate your account).
  • Click on the “Images” orange option as seen below as part of the bing history

You can select the time range: all time, 6 months, 1 month or 1 week

You can then view all your images search activity image by image.

Now you can click on one image individually or click on the check to select all (see 1 in image below)

Then, click on “Clear” figure 2 in the screen capture below

Note the differences between Windows 10 drop-down menu wordings and those of other Windows versions.