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How to Clear your Search History Completely in Windows 10 – Manage and Delete all my Images and Videos

bing search history

Quick remove videos, images and searches from Search History

Bing save our entire search history by Default in our microsoft account. We can delete bing history easily, here are the quick steps to follow:

  1. Go to the bing homepage
  2. Log in to your microsoft account if you are not already logged in.
  3. Click on the top right button (three horizontal bars gear icon) in the upper right corner of your screen.
  4. Click Search History
  5. You will see a Manage or Clear your Search History Text at the right of your search history page. There you will see a Clear All button. (Previously there was a change history settings which disappeared)
  6. Click on it to clear your bing search history completely including past searches and browsing history.

clear all search history


How to view and delete bing search history

There are a number of ways you can view and delete your bing search activity on a web browser (in Windows 10).

For example, you can click on the three vertical bars on the top right  of the home page ( or navigate directly to

If you have a Microsoft account and have signed in to it, the new web page that opens will show all your previous searches in your search history as shown below in the privacy dashboard with personal information.

bing profile search history insights

If you are not signed in to a Microsoft account, you’ll find an empty recent searches. And a message from Microsoft asking you to “Sign in to see your search history on different browsers and computers” as also shown in the screen capture below.

After taking out time to view your history, you can then move on to deletion. To delete your bing search history, simply click “Clear all” to the right of the pie chart.

To delete all your search history,

  1. Click on “Go to dashboard”
  2. On the new page that opens is the privacy dashboard, click the “VIEW AND CLEAR SEARCH HISTORY” (shown below).

view and clear search history

By default, the “Filter by data type” drop-down menu on the left of the new screen is set to “all data types”, including search settings.

Apart from related searches, other items on the menu include “Apps and Services,” “Voice,” “Search,” “Browse,” “Media,” and “Locations.”

It is in this location that you can view your search history in greater detail by clicking search from the drop-down or by viewing it along with other information in the default “all data types” option.

You can then delete your search bing history either through the all types option or by specifically:

  1. selecting the search option
  2. then clicking on “Clear activity” on the far right, after which you’ll notice the instructions below from Microsoft.
  3. Click on “Clear” to delete your searches.

You can also change history setting in the privacy dashboard.

How to view and delete bing images 

Though it is not possible to independently view and delete images in Windows 10, you can view and delete them either as part of the “all data types” option from the procedure discussed above.

However, in other versions of Windows, just:

  • visit select “history” from the homepage.
  • or visit
  • Click on the “All types” drop-down and select “Images.”

bing images activity

You can then view all your images search activity. Click on “Clear All” after viewing the images.

Note the differences between Windows 10 drop-down menu wordings and those of other Windows versions.

Videos Search bing history

To view and delete videos you should select "videos" in the drop-down menu.


The Search Engine

Bing is a microsoft's search engine technology built by the tech giant. Search engines show search results from given queries. Each search result is sort by relevancy in the results with the input term. The main competitor is Google.

Bing stores the internet users browsing activity in Cortana (including cortana voice searches), internet explorer and microsoft edge, the most widely used browser after google chrome, controlling a third of the US market.

It is compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile phones and trusted by millions all over the world for their browsing online needs.

Like other engines, it has provisions for storing every user’s browsing search.

It is an ordered collection of a web surfer’s day to day browsing activities on the internet.

Information available in the browsing history includes the identities of the websites visited, searches, cookies, and other site information as well as cached images and files.

Browsing activity has a number of uses. For instance, it can help a web surfer easily recall a previously visited but forgotten website.

Moreover, since it is a reflection of the surfer’s browsing habits, it can be used by engines and other parties to provide more qualitative service and hence improved holistic user experience.

However, it is necessary to free your device of all or some (most people save their passwords permanently) of these. For instance, continuous storage of deletable data on your system can slow it down or even invite unwanted threats to your privacy.



A Cache is a method of saving or storing web data so as to make it speedily available for future use.

It is this process of data storage that is called “caching.” For example, if a web surfer loves and visits a particular website, then his or her browser cache is bound to store a copy of that site so as to process or load it speedily in future.

This removes the challenge of having to access such information multiple times from the server and also helps limit the use of bandwidth thus making it possible for a network to operate with relative efficiency.



Cookies are tiny files attached to browsers after visiting websites, helping to take note of activities in any particular website.

In subsequent browsing sessions, the website you previously visited receives a cookie from your browser thus enabling a more personalized user experience based on your earlier visit to the website.

Cookies can be of different types. These include:

  • session cookies,
  • persistent or first-party cookies,
  • third-party cookies,
  • secure cookies,
  • and others.



The autofill function enables a user to automatically fill information into input fields. For example, if you frequently visit a sports website, your autofill function is configured to learn about this website so that any time you want to input the website’s address, autofill quickly does the job for you, saving you some time in the process.



Which is the history of search engine?

To locate the section:

click on “Settings and more (alt + F)” on the far right side of your screen, beside the address bar.

The settings icon is depicted by three dots (…) as shown in the image above.

manage bing history

  • Clicking on the settings icon presents you with two options: “Manage history,” which shows the page below when clicked on.
  • The other option is to “Clear browsing data” (below).

Just as in the other instances mentioned earlier, the above scenario is as obtains in Windows 10.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clear My Bing Searches History in XBOX

XBOX one have and Edge browser included that keep your activity: searches, browsing data, cookies, forms and temporary files.

Let's see how you can clear completely.

  1. Find the Hub icon in the top right corner of your screen in Edge.
  2. Press A with your controller.
  3. Select to delete .
  4. Press  A.
  5. Select Clear

How to start the incognito mode

How do I start and open incognito mode?

  1. First, open the homepage
  2. Click on the three horizontal dots icon
  3. Click on new inprivate window.
  4. Now you are in incognito mode.

What is the history of Bing

It is a search engine of Microsoft. It is the latest version. The previous versions were:

Live, Windows Live and MSN.

Its story started in 2009. It was in May 2009 when Steve Balmer, CEO, revealed the existence of the new internet search engine.

Which is the bing logo history?

When it was introduced by Microsoft in 2009, the word bing was adopted as the brand’s logo.

This remained the case till 2013. Then the logo changed to a uniquely designed letter b.

In 2016, Microsoft tinkered with the logo yet again by capitalizing the b letter and reducing its width.

what are Search Suggestions

Suggestions are autocomplete words that bing writes based on our recent search activities.